Evolving from its first steps in the year 1942, GCL has transcended the tides of time to grow into the multi-crore business conglomerate. Late Shri Hari Chandji Sugandhi was the ideal patriarch to the group which, similar to the man himself, had a very humble beginning from Old Delhi.

Carving its path through unfamiliar and challenging state of affairs, GCL has forged its unique identity on the page of the Indian Tobacco Industry. Driven by dynamic entrepreneurialism, GCL has transformed itself into a modern and thriving enterprise, dominating the large Indian Tobacco Industry. Taking and transforming the local flavours and essence into an exotic experience helped Gopal Corp to give customers a fulfilling experience.

Taking ahead this vision of perfectly fusing traditional and exotic, GCL is now making fresh inroads into Food, Power and Hospitality Industries. Making its mark in the FMCG sector, GCL has its own brand of wholesome potato chips, “Tat-O”. Establishing itself as an impressive competitor in the snacks category, a separate line of Namkeen has also been launched which popularly goes by the brand name “LALA JI Namkeens”. Presently, the Group is exploring more opportunities in the power sector with the overwhelming success of its Himachal Pradesh power project. Also, making a steady but promising headway into the hospitality sector is “The Fortune Grace” in Mussooorie. This goal was accomplished via an alliance with Welcome Group (India’s 2nd largest hospitality chain).

Today, GCL is a multi-product – multi-disciplinary enterprise, which has undoubtedly strengthened its reach across the country. Putting this expanse to noble use, the GCL Foundation has also committed a significant number of projects to the general well-being of the society.